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Global Center for Safety Initiative

Steven Ayer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment; Del E. Webb School of Construction; Honors Faculty, Barrett – The Honors College, Arizona State University 

(480) 727-4579

Bio: Steven Ayer runs the Emerging Technologies Building Information Modeling Lab at Arizona State University. His research group explores new and emerging electronic technologies, including augmented reality, virtual reality, and other emerging tools. Ayer’s group aims to study how these tools may improve the way that building projects are delivered. This research group has an array of different projects and technologies that it explores, but all studies revolve around the single motivation that technology should empower human users. Therefore, most of the studies conducted by Ayer’s team aim to focus on human performance rather than technological innovation. His team has explored the use of technology for: students gaining “cyberlearning” experiences related to construction management and engineering; architects aiming to improve the quality of their design concepts; construction managers interested in improving field communication of BIM content; and facility managers interested in better leveraging model information to deliver more maintainable built spaces. Ayer’s work has been funded by federal and industrial sources, which has enabled his team to collect data that offers both scientific and practical contributions. Up to date information about Dr. Ayer and his team can be found at