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Global Center for Safety Initiative

Global Center for Safety Initiative

The Vision Statement

To establish a global center for safety at ASU that supports world-class education, research, and outreach programs focused on both Prevention through Design and integration of safety and health into the core business of organizations.

The Legacy

Imagine a future when many more people go home at night in the same physical condition that they started their work day.

At ASU we believe that better informed and educated engineers and constructors, and engaged leadership will drive change to integrate safety into corporate practices.

We are excited and honored to partner with our industry’s leaders to create a safer place for today’s workforce.

ASU Strengths

  • With more than 20,000 students in the Fulton Schools of Engineering, the Center can influence safety education for a significant number of students. 
  • Executive leadership committed to the success of the Center. 
  • OSHA Training Institute/Education Center (OTI) at ASU. 
  • Facilities, including the newest building College Avenue Commons, that can accommodate various initiatives. 
  • We have wide-ranging relationships with industry through groups such as the Alliance for Construction Excellence.
  • Safety-focused staff and initiatives are in place within the Fulton Schools’ Office of Health and Safety (OHS) including the Safety2 Listserv.