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Global Center for Safety Initiative


Prevention through Design

PtD Focused Research

Topic: Teaching Prevention through Design (PtD) principles using a non-traditional pedagogical strategy
The goal of this research is to establish the pedagogical value of the simulation games to teach hazard identification and elimination concepts to construction and engineering students.
Ph.D. Candidate: Zia Ud Din
Supervisor: Dr. G. Edward Gibson, Jr.

Research objectives

This research will provide an understanding of two questions related to Prevention through Design education using different pedagogical strategies:

AIM 1. To find the pedagogical value of a serious game by comparing student test performance after receiving instruction via in-class lecture, paper-based game, or serious game;
AIM 2. To find a relationship, if any, between variables (engagement, game-play frequency, and preferred learning style) and student test performance among each of the instructional techniques.
AIM 3. To identify the key design steps for creating a functional serious game to instill safe design thinking among construction management and engineering students.



Prevention through Design (PtD) resources – PtD Resources for  Designers and PtD Bibliography


This research was conducted to examine the resources ─ innovative information, research, and decision support tools ─ available to integrate the management of occupational health and safety risk into the design process. The first part of the report consists of a brief overview of the different existing organizations providing guidelines to help construction managers and designer to implement prevention through design (PtD), training material to educate engineers and construction managers, and tools to support design process to consider safety at the design phase of a project. The second part consists of an updated bibliography of published resources on prevention through design topic, which includes research articles, reports, desecrations and thesis, books, and legislations. This compiled list of PtD resources will help academia and industry to find PtD resources available around the world.

Please click here to download the report.

Safety Centers Around the Globe


A research study conducted at ASU-GCS summarizes the information about safety centers around the globe. Broadly speaking, there are two types of safety centers.

1. Safety centers working at universities
2. Safety centers run by volunteer groups or private organizations (excluding NIOSH)

The core areas of research are industrial hygiene, occupational health nursing, occupational medicine, and occupational safety, but rarely carry out studies in the domain of prevention through design. To learn more about the research outcomes, please click on the URL Safety Centers Around the Globe.