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Global Center for Safety Initiative


Past Research Activities

Prevention through Design

Title of dissertation: Teaching Prevention through Design (PtD) principles using a non-traditional pedagogical strategy(2017)

The goal of this research is to establish the pedagogical value of the simulation games to teach hazard identification and elimination concepts to construction and engineering students.

Ph.D. candidate: Zia Ud Din

Supervisor: Dr. G. Edward Gibson, Jr.


Title of dissertation: Perspectives on the current conditions of on-the-job cumulative health hazards in construction and proposed actions for mitigating or eliminating exposures(2018)

The goal of the research is to prioritize the most recommended practices and protocols for mitigating or eliminating the exposure of workers to cumulative health hazards.

Ph.D. Candidate: Linda Tello

Supervisor: Dr. David Grau


Title of dissertation: Automatic imagery data analysis for proactive computer-based workflow management during nuclear power plant outages(2018)

The research project is focused on construction workers’ safety working on the maintenance of a Nuclear Power plant.

PI: Dr. Pingbo Tang

Ph.D. student: Cheng Zhang